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Unusual Shopping in Edinburgh

You know all the bigwig designers and all the labels, so why not take a dip in the dark side during your trip to Edinburgh? Check out these quirky shops and experience some of the more unusual shopping in Edinburgh.


Mr.Wood’s Fossils

Mr. Wood’s Fossils is a brilliant shop filled to the brim with different rock fossils. This 25 year-old shop imports fossils as old as a thousand years old from all corners of the globe. But it’s not just fossils to be found in this treasure trove though, pieces of space rock (meteorites,) minerals and marvelous jewelry can be bought too. The cabinets, cases and shelving is loaded with some of this earth’s oldest and most spectacular rock imprints.



This is the place to go if you want to experience an epic high tea. Anteaques mixes a gorgeous little cafe with an antiques shop, bringing some of the most beautiful ornaments and furniture to you whilst you sip on a nice hot cuppa. This truly is a one-of-a-kind shop and a must see when in visiting Edinburgh. You can even buy specialist teas in Anteaques so once you’ve finished perusing furniture and peering at parasols, you can grab a bag or two of tea and take in the very aroma of this unforgettable place home with you.


The Old Children’s Bookshelf

The Old Children’s Bookshelf is a wonderful store filled with books written over the last century, from kids comics and learning books right through to older women’s fiction. This store certainly offers some true antiques of the literature world. Though it’s nice to see some antique furniture and buy tea at the same time, it’s not common to see an antique book shop these days. This will certainly put a smile on your face when shopping in Edinburgh.



This special little place could be described as “IKEA on the corner.” This Scandinavian influenced design boutique sells everything from coffee coasters to lampshades and whilst you might not be able to buy online, the shop is definitely worth a visit in the flesh! Nothing compares to it’s niche products, it’s a truly trendy lifestyle gift shop.


VoxBox Music

Voxbox Music is a record shop, but it doesn’t just sell your charts tunes like HMV and FOPP, it sells vintage vinyl records. It is truly the cave of wonders for all old and new music lovers. If the vintage records were not compelling enough to visit, then the fact that they also host live music and signings might just sway you. They have everything on vinyl from country to reggae to gospel music, so there’s something for everyone in this little hub.

Unusual Shopping in Edinburgh with the Dunstane

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