Picture of Arthur's Seat

Unusual Activities in Edinburgh

Most tourists visiting Edinburgh come to see our famous castle, shop in our popular malls or enjoy a pub crawl down world famous Rose Street. That’s not all you can do in Scotland’s capital city though, and with some unusual activities in Edinburgh to try, we’ve had a round-up of the best ways to spend your time here a little differently from the norm.

Climb a Hill at Dawn

Arthur’s Seat, so named because it looks like a stool, is a dominating landmass that you can see from just about anywhere in the city. It sits on the very edge of the streets to the north, dwarfing even the castle at the city’s heart. It’s thankfully easy to climb, and unless the weather is very bad you won’t need special shoes or boots. For the best experience, head to the top on a sunny day and wait for the sun to disappear over the horizon.

Shop in Victoria Street Stores

Victoria Street is one of Edinburgh’s less-well known pleasures but it’s one not to be missed. Especially if you’re a shopaholic. While most tourists migrate towards the Waverley Centre or Princes Street, the cobbled curve of Victoria Street is lined with brightly-coloured boutique stores, hog-roast cafes and vintage clothing shops. You can spend hours here, browsing the ramshackle book bins or sipping a coffee in quaint cafes.

Picnic in the Meadows

Normally filled with students and dog walkers, the Meadows is an enormous public park on the south side of Edinburgh Castle. On sunny spring days, take the family for a long walk in one of the greenest parts of Edinburgh city, and enjoy a relaxing picnic near the tennis courts while you watch people play.

Unusual Activities in Edinburgh in 2015

Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan city, vibrant and full of life, and there is no end to the activities you can enjoy. If you’re planning on trying some of the more unusual activities in Edinburgh, including open-air swimming at Portobello Beach or flying across the rooftops on a scenic helicopter tour, why not book a short break at The Dunstane too? Our luxury accommodation makes the perfect end to a fun day out, with designer décor, a peaceful location and top-class dining in our Skerries Restaurant.