A view of Edinburgh Castle from the scenic gardens.

Start 2016 Strong, Free Things to Do in Edinburgh

Finding your way around Edinburgh is pretty easy, but we can make it even simpler by cutting down the strain on your wallet.  Less time thinking about your cash and more time wondering: where to next?  Make sure you’re in the know, with these free things to do in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a city of culture and like any city with a huge and intricate past, it has a number of hidden treasures scattered around, just waiting to be found and explored; the best part about this adventure? It’s free!

The Museum of Edinburgh: Finding Your Feet

When you’re exploring any city, it’s best to really get a feel for its history, rich as Edinburgh’s is, there’s a lot of ground to cover. That’s why we’re suggesting a trip to the scenic and vibrant Museum of Edinburgh.

Located just off the Royal Mile and within walking distance of the Scottish Parliament, the Museum is bright and cheerful on the outside and full of wonders on the inside.  Greyfrairs Bobby’s collar and bowl are just two of the many odd relics of history found within. More recently, the Museum has added a ‘hidden’ courtyard, perfect for the knowledge loving explorer.

Whistlebinkies: Bringing Music to Edinburgh

It’s not a name that’ll be forgotten, that’s for sure. Located at the junction between the Bridges and the High Street; Whistlebinkies is the place to be for any musicians or those that simply want to have a drink, a meal and listen to some up-and-coming talent.

A band playing live at Whistlebinkies.

Image title: CentriX Whistlebinkies 25-11-09 47 by Markus Thorsen licensed under: CC BY 2.0

From Sunday to Thursday, eight all the way up to three in the morning, Whistleblinkies keeps its doors open, what better way to spend a night than listening to the local musicians of Edinburgh?

Dr. Neil’s Garden: A Walk in the Park

Scotland takes pride in the natural beauty of its hills and gardens, majestic forests and gorgeous fields. Similarly, the gardens of Scotland are pristine and few more so than the charming Dr. Neil’s. Close to the banks of the Duddingston Loch, the garden boasts impressive views of both the Loch and Arthur’s Seat, far above. Often considered Edinburgh’s ‘secret’ garden, it certainly keeps in with the idea of adventure; exploring the capital of Scotland and seeing all one can.

Views, flowers and even the historic Thomson’s Tower, the gorgeous and lovingly maintained garden is a peaceful place, perfect for a walk or even just to find a bench in and read.

It might not be a free thing to do in Edinburgh but to top it all off, you could even save money on another hidden gem, a boutique hotel.  So what are you waiting for?