Greyfriars Kirkyard

Places Of Edinburgh History Guaranteed To Give You The Shivers

Edinburgh, the Scottish capital is well known as a haunted city, despite its ever growing population. It’s easy to see why the living are led to believe that they are surrounded by spirits as each street corner or close you turn to, there is a story just ready to be discovered. Ready to get “Ghostbustin’?” We present 3 places of Edinburgh history guaranteed to give you the shivers.


Greyfriars Cemetery

Over the past several years Edinburgh’s Greyfriars Cemetery has become famous through the paranormal activity taking place in a small tomb called the ‘Black Mausoleum’. The resident entity has been named ‘the MacKenzie Poltergeist’ and many have taken part in experiments to prove the significance of the haunting.


Even sceptics concur that there’s certainly something spooky going on – with one of the most disturbing factors being the frequency of the poltergeist sightings and the other being the severity of incidents that have occurred. There have been numerous reports of hot spots, cold spots, cuts, bruises and even burns appearing on many visitors to the graveyard. The most spine tingling event that occurred happened to a woman that chooses to remain anonymous to this date due to how severe the attack was. The woman allegedly reported that she was possessed and since then the area has been exorcised, but on both occasions they were considered unsuccessful.


Edinburgh Castle

There will definitely be no disagreements in regards to a haunting chill when you visit Edinburgh Castle. A sizeable amount of paranormal events have taken place within the walls of the castle with reported apparitions including ghostly prisoners, a dog and a drummer.


With areas of the castle documented at over 900 years old, it hardly comes as a surprise each year visitors report a different hair raising encounter. The earliest recorded report was documented in the 1960s, when an on-duty sentry standing guard heard drumming and went to investigate from his post at the castle. It is said on the battlements he saw a headless figure that then vanished upon turning around.


Edinburgh Dungeons

The Edinburgh Dungeons are a worldwide attraction visited by hundreds on their trip to the Scottish capital. Situated in the centre of Edinburgh, the dungeons showcase historical stories of the city, incorporated with outstanding special effects delivered by a live cast. The experience will take you on a real life unforgettable journey through Edinburgh’s gruesome and gory past.

If you’re looking for thrills, chills and an educational experience, then the Edinburgh Dungeons offers it all.


Exploring Edinburgh History

In the words of literary legend Robert Louis Stevenson, ‘’only a few inches separate the living from the dead’’. Perhaps there has never been a more appropriate quote to summarise Edinburgh. Planning your next adventure to Edinburgh? Why not stay with us here at the Dunstane and enjoy our boutique hotel with its very own Edinburgh History.