Places in Edinburgh to add to your Travel Bucket List

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Every bucket list should have an element of travel included, you can’t just have things like skydiving, dolphin swimming and going into space when there’s so much more that the local area has to offer! In our latest blog, we explore the places in Edinburgh to add to your travel bucket list!

The Musselburgh Ash Lagoons


The Musselburgh Ash Lagoons in Edinburgh are a brilliant place to go for a long walk! Take in the beauty of these natural waters in one of Scotland’s unspoiled nature spots. The lagoons are the perfect place to go dog-walking – be warned, a towel may be necessary as dogs are known to jump into the beautiful waters – and who could blame them?

The Meadows


The Meadows in Edinburgh are a stunning open landscape and perfect for having a picnic and an ice cream or two! Relax for the day and enjoy some time with a loved one, friends and family. Even just to walk the dog, the meadows are a beautiful place to go and see and they’re definitely a place that will make an impact on you. The beautiful plants and high grown grassy areas create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing amongst natural beauty. Head here to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The National Galleries of Scotland


The National Galleries of Scotland are definitely worth going to see regardless of whether you’re visiting from another country, or even if you’re a local. If you haven’t seen the galleries then you’re bound to love them for their fantastic exhibits! Scotland is steeped in rich history and the galleries have some of the most beautiful artworks you’ll ever see!

Arthur’s Seat


If you haven’t already climbed Arthur’s Seat, then there’s simply not a moment to waste. Looking down on Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat is one of the best experiences Edinburgh can offer and the climb up and down, is a brilliant team building exercise! Be prepared to spend some time at the top – the panoramic views it offers are nothing short of breathtaking.

Portobello Baths

The Portobello Baths in Edinburgh are a great place to go for indoor swimming. Possibly the oldest Victorian Turkish Baths in the UK, the baths bring culture from other places around the world into one place. The thing that makes the Portobello baths different is the varying temperature which changes as you move from one pool to another. It’s refreshing but also keeps you wide awake as you swim!

Places in Edinburgh to add to your Travel Bucket List


Of course, in a place as historically rich in culture as Edinburgh, it is impossible to capture the wide variety of experiences available in just five attractions. From Edinburgh Castle to the gruesome history of Mary King’s Close, there’s plenty places in Edinburgh to add to your travel bucket list. Planning to tick a few off? Why not visit our special offers and treat yourself to a luxury experience you won’t forget!