Business men and women taking notes

Networking and Business Opportunities Unite at the Dunstane

The Dunstane is one of the most popular  boutique hotels in Edinburgh, and we are proud of our exclusivity when it comes to our customers. While we cater the year round for tourists and visitors a large part of our clientele comes from the business world. Businesses use our hotel as a conference and meeting place where they can get together and make progress on business breakthroughs, technological networking and many other areas of business.

Statistics show…

That 99.9% of businesses are representative of SME’s in the private sector in the United Kingdom. This major figure means that small and medium enterprises are collectively the largest source of employment in the country. It also accounts for 59.3% of private sector employment and 48.1% of turnover in the private sector.

These figures, obtained from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, show that SME’s create opportunities in the workplace by creating jobs from upcoming businesses. A new start up may only be a one or two man operation to start with, but they grow, through meetings and networking and innovation.

The Dunstane has the perfect solutions

We at the Dunstane take pleasure in catering for small and large businesses alike, as well as start-ups and networking meetings. We have the perfect solution that includes everything from audio visual equipment and meeting areas to food, dining at our exclusive restaurant, Skerries, and luxury rooms for overnight stays. We cater perfectly for small groups who want to engage in team building exercises, and we can offer some team tune-up exercises too. We offer a very positive experience as far as our guests go, and we make every effort to help your meeting go as smoothly as possible. Call our sales team now on 0131 337 6169 to enquire and book your conference or meeting event with us today!