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National Tea Day at Dunstane Houses

Changes are everywhere you look at the new Dunstane Houses. Big to small, expensive to homemade, we have a bit of everything. One of the changes our Food and Beverage team are very excited about, is our new relationship with TLC, Tea Lovers’ Company. National Tea Day at Dunstane Houses seems like the best time to fill you all in.


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Tea Lovers’ Company

Established in St. Andrews, this company has an incredible ethos. 100% of their profits go directly back into some of the poorest areas of India, via educational charities. They also use family-run tea plantations and help to develop the local tea farming communities. They are an ethical tea company, “a business with purpose greater than profit” and the Dunstane Houses are proud to be connected with them. Especially as their tea tastes incredible!


National Tea Day

So it’s National Tea Day and at Dunstane Houses, we have a great stock of TLC teas. We have the classic English Breakfast, the quintessential Earl Grey, rejuvenating Peppermint, a rare Green Tea from award-winning Arya tea garden and a gorgeous Passionfruit tea. The pyramid teabags are also biodegradable and, not to be vain here, the packaging looks stunning. You could easily place a jar of the tea straight onto a breakfast buffet.


tea lovers company teas dunstane houses national tea day

Visit Dunstane Houses

Just in case you were thinking of using tea as a reason to visit the new Dunstane Houses don’t worry, these teas aren’t just available on National Tea Day. They’ll be around for a long time, but come and try them soon! Any excuse to come and try out our fantastic new hotel, with the same friendly welcome.


Keep your eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more tea-related announcements in the next few months!