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Memorable Weddings at the Dunstane

At The Dunstane, our large meeting facilities areas are not reserved just for conferences and business meetings. We love to host weddings too. Here, we play host to many incredible weddings throughout the year. Our incredible building and gorgeous contemporary decor aids in playing the perfect backdrop to your wedding day. Yes, we are kind of bragging because we love to give the best wedding day imaginable.

The Stunning Heart

Right in the heart of Edinburgh and a stone’s throw from major tourist and shopping attractions lies our boutique hotel. To look at it, you might think you were somewhere in a tiny village, rather than a large city because, despite its location, The Dunstane is an exceptionally quiet and peaceful place.  When you hold your wedding with us, you can accommodate your guests with us too so that you wake up to a family breakfast if you wish.

Our venue hire includes the entire reception of your wedding, from welcome drinks to the meal.  Our quaint and charming Skerries Restaurant welcomes you right from the start. The large sweeping ceiling has an imposing sense of Victorian style, and a huge bay window gives superb light to the contemporary décor.


Sumptuous Food Just For You

For your wedding, we can supply the food and beverages exactly to your taste and requirements. We offer fresh caught Scottish seafood, as well as locally grown fruits and vegetables. We also source locally produced meats of the finest standards to make sure your palate is suitably impressed and perfectly satisfied. You can also enjoy your drinks in the garden when the weather permits, and we will make sure all your wedding day’s needs are taken care of.

Through years of experience in the wedding business, we have an established reputation for excellent cuisine and fine dining. We expect you to enjoy every mouthful of food that you taste on your special day and so we offer a selection of tastings before the day so that you can personalise your menu. Contact our Wedding Coordinator today who will ease you through the planning of your wedding or find out more here.