Meet our new Dunstane Hotel Team Member

Meet Our New Dunstane Hotel Team Member!

Here at The Dunstane Hotel we have just welcomed our very first Australian team member! Find out about our new reservations agent, Tameika Pitson.


Welcome to The Dunstane Tameika! Firstly, where are you from originally? How did you find yourself in Scotland?
Originally from Melbourne, Australia. I moved over to travel Europe and fell in love with Scotland so decided to stay and live/work here!


IMG_7084You’ve been with us for a month now, what do you like most about the Dunstane? How does it differ from where you were before?

The thing I like about the Dunstane the most is the team! The team are very much like a family and everyone has been so welcoming and kind ever since I have started here. Things that differ from where I have been before would be that I get to sell an amazing hotel and really believe in the product I sell.



What are you enjoying most about your role in Reservations? Is this your first reservations position? What did you do before?

Enjoying constantly learning new things and being able to sell such an incredible product. I have previously worked in a sales and reservations team for the last few years and really enjoy the sales side of reservations and love getting the satisfaction of being able to meet the client’s needs.



What is your favourite bedroom at The Dunstane and why?
Room 121 the red room – I find this room so romantic and stylish, it’s very unlike most rooms you find at hotels and I like that it’s so different not the normal hotel room you tend to get.



If money was no object and you had full control over the hotel, what would you change?
I would probably expand the hotel with more rooms, make a bigger event space and have a space for weddings as the hotel building is so beautiful.
What is your favourite dish in Skerries? Why should people come and try our food?

The Seared Pave of Orkney Salmon, Paul the head chef is such an incredible cook and the produce we use here at Skerries is all fresh and local. I think a huge advantage we have is we are a small restaurant so we can really excel on our dishes and give our customers the 5 star service they deserve.




Describe your perfect day out in Edinburgh? What are your favourite places to visit?
Perfect day in Edinburgh is when the sun is out and a nice walk down the water of Leith and ending in a coffee shop down in Stockbridge. I love walking up Arthurs seat and trying new places to eat.



Apart from Skerries, what is your favourite restaurant/bar in Edinburgh?

My favourite bar is Panda & Sons on Queen Street and one of my favourite restaurants is Pickles of Edinburgh as my favourite food is cheese and wine!