Greg Duncan, assistant manager at The Dunstane

Luckiest Hotel in Edinburgh

Greg Duncan, Assistant Manager We feel like the luckiest hotel in Edinburgh! Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming Greg Duncan to The Dunstane, as our new Assistant Hotel Manager. Greg brings a whole new set of ideas and enthusiasm to The Dunstane and more specifically to Skerries restaurant. You could say Skerries has become Greg’s “baby” so we are very excited to see what ideas he has for 2016. So before he gets too busy with Christmas and Hogmanay dinners, we sat down with Greg to “meet the manager” and find out a little more about him…




Welcome to The Dunstane Greg! Firstly, where are you from originally? Have you always lived in Scotland?

Hello! I’m originally from Dundee and moved to Edinburgh 10 years ago to study at Edinburgh University. Edinburgh is my home now – there is so much to do here and the people are so diverse. It’s a great city to work in hospitality.


You’ve been with us for a few weeks now, what do you like most about the Dunstane? How does it differ from where you were before?

Before I was very much office based and now I am operational, which has a totally different buzz about it. I love interacting with guests, getting to know a bit about them and recommend places in Edinburgh for them.


You come from more of a Sales and Marketing background – so what are you enjoying most about your new role in Operations as Assistant Hotel Manager?

The interaction with guests – it makes my day when I hear good feedback about the team or hotel. You feel like you really make a difference to a guests stay.


What is your favourite bedroom at The Dunstane and why?

There are so many unique and lovely rooms – its hard to choose just one. Room 120 (the luxury blue room) is probably my favourite.


Blue room in the Dunstane Hotel

If money was no object and you had full control over the hotel, what would you change?

If money was no object? I’d love to lift the hotel somewhere warm and sunny, like the Caribbean…but that could be because it’s so wet, cold and windy outside today!


What is your favourite dish in Skerries? Why should people come and try our food?duo of apple dessert

Our food in Skerries is amazing – Paul is a great Chef and the dishes always look great. I have a sweet tooth so my number 1 choice is probably the duo of apple.

What would you like to see more of on the Skerries menu?

In my first week there was a Steak & Ale pie special that was sold out in minutes! I’d love to see that become a regular dish, it looked tasty.


Describe your perfect day out in Edinburgh? What are your favourite places to visit?

I love Arthur’s Seat – number 1 attraction for me, the view you get from the top is priceless. For an “actual” attraction to visit I’d say Mary Kings Close.


Apart from Skerries, what is your favourite restaurant/bar in Edinburgh?

I recently went to Scran & Scallie in Stockbridge which we really enjoyed. One of my favourite bars is probably the Queens Arms on Fredrick Street.


So next time you stay with us, say “hi” to Greg and enjoy your stay, knowing he’s got everything under control and is happy to help you out with whatever you need to make your stay with us that little bit more special.