A photo of some food at the Dunstane

Gastro Delights at The Dunstane

With The Dunstane hotels continuing to have strong ties with Orkney, it comes as no surprise we’re long time lovers of Orcadian food. From rich seafood to a smattering garnish of black pudding, we’re not short of gastro delights at the Dunstane.


To celebrate the recent addition of chef, Paul Hood to The Dunstane family, we’re hosting an Orcadian gastro night. Known for his legendary skills in the kitchen and his entrepreneurial spirit, we can assure Paul isn’t the only dish in the kitchen!

As head chef of The Skerries, Paul has already proven his skills, refusing to play things safe, with the arrival of a new and exciting menu every month. With decadent dishes including Orkney crab, Gressingham duck, sea bass and a colourful array of plums, it sets The Skerries up to welcome a new era of cuisine – embracing contemporary palettes whilst paying homage to the past.


“I really love being creative with food. Let’s just say there are some really sexy dishes appearing on the menu soon.” – Paul Hood, The Dunstane.

Gastro delights at The Dunstane – Orcadian Tasting Night


Tasty indeed! Following in the footsteps of his father, Paul now invests time in his kitchen team at the Skerries, mentoring in the specifics of Orcadian cuisine including the operational running of a kitchen to the creation of quirky desserts.


Paul arrives fresh from the heels of fine-dining establishments including Prestonfield, La Garrigue, the Caledonian Pompadour as well as working alongside the likes of celebrity chef Nick Nairn.


To celebrate the arrival of talented chef, Paul Hood, The Skerries restaurant will be holding an Orcadian tasting night on 26th of March, 2015.


Welcome to the family, Paul!


For bookings at The Skerries to experience the new gastro delights at The Dunstane, please contact Sam at sales@thedunstane.com.