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Edinburgh Ghost Tours are an excellent way to explore the history of Edinburgh city…

A city as old as Edinburgh is bound to have a few ghosts… Edinburgh’s day time veneer of respectability belies its occasionally gruesome past. Compare the Georgian respectability of New Town to the medieval Old Town, which crawled with poverty, disease and crime. After all, Edinburgh is the city that produced Burke and Hare and Jekyll and Hyde.

Edinburgh has several ghost tours, largely based around the Royal Mile and the historic Old Town, ranging from the historical to the hysterical; whether you are looking for facts or the paranormal, there is an Edinburgh ghost tour to suit you. How will you cope with a ghastly appearance from a “jumper-ooter”.

Mercat Tours offer tours around Edinburgh’s Old Town featuring the most haunted locations, the scariest stories and most spectacular candlelit Underground Vaults. The tours run all year round and they also cater for private tours.

The Cadies and Witchery Tours take a more light-hearted look at Edinburgh’s dark underbelly and include tales of witchcraft, plague and torture. Adam Lyal (deceased) and his spooky chums bring the grisly past vividly to life, all year round.

New Edinburgh Tours

The Real Mary King’s Close

There are many more grisly Edinburgh ghost tours to choose from. Our advice for these tours is to bring suitable footwear and a firm constitution. Boo!

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