Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

It’s here!! The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 programme has arrived and it looks amazing. Bright, bold and exciting – and that’s just the front cover, we’ve not even had a proper look inside yet. Time for a coffee break here we think and have a flick through over 400 pages of amazing shows and events. As you can see, not much work went on at 9am this morning when the programme launched, as we all had a good look through – it’s research for our guests of course!




Defy The Norm

The motto of the Edinburgh Fringe “defy the norm” perfectly describes the eclectic selection of shows and events going on in August. From comedy and cabaret to musicals and exhibitions. There’s something for all the family. It’s not uncommon to lose touch with family and friends who live in Edinburgh during the festival, as they’re never at home. Booking tickets to shows throughout the day and only going home to sleep.


Festival Memories

As we waited for the programme to load up, we had a chat about our memories of the Fringe. One team member tells us how her 80-year old Grandparents are totally unreachable during the festival. They’re up and out in the city a show in the morning, meeting friends for lunch, seeing an afternoon show or walking the Royal Mile, grabbing dinner with more friends and then seeing another show before heading home – a pattern that repeats most days throughout August!


Another recalls walking to work at 5:30am for an early shift, passing a number of people who are only just heading home after either working at the many Fringe pop-up bars or partying the night away. Edinburgh’s nightlife is great most of the time, however a sunny evening during the Edinburgh Fringe is something incredibly special!


What To See at the Edinburgh Fringe

The beauty of the Edinburgh Fringe is heading out with no expectations, picking a random free show and it turning out to be 10 times better than the show you paid for the previous night! So just take the flyer you’re handed on the street, take a leap of faith and you might find something extraordinary. Likewise it might be the most painful hour of your life but that’s the risk you take and all part of the Fringe experience. (FYI It’s also hard to find a bad show!)


Festival Accommodation

There is nothing quite like Edinburgh during Festival season. The hardest question, after what “How do we see all these shows in one day?” is “Where do we stay?”


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