Fine dining plate of food

Edinburgh Fine Dining—A Spring Treat

The days are getting longer now, and so it is only a matter of time before the spring arrives once more.
After a long winter of clouds, the rain, chilly weather and snow on the hills we can look forward to life
returning to Mother Nature. March and April will see the surrounding countryside is springing—
literally—to life with new buds, new colour and the promise of a warm and splendid summer. What
could be better than spending a Spring weekend in the middle of the action here in Edinburgh?

Locally Sourced Food

Spring is also the time when seasonal vegetables and locally sourced meats and fish begin their fresh
cycle of life. This means that salmon will be available as fresh catches in the near future. Orcadian style
dining will be at its best and we at The Dunstane will be on hand to offer you the warmest Scots
welcome. Scottish produce is at the forefront of our dining experience at The Dunstane. When you
book a table at our Skerries Restaurant you don’t need to be a hotel guest, but you should be a
discerning diner who knows good food when they taste it! Our upcoming Spring menu is going to be
bursting at the seams with all the fresh, ripe and ready fruits and veggies you can imagine and will be
peppered—pardon the pun—with plenty of fresh fish, meat and poultry for your delectation.

A La Carte Menu

We constantly change our a la carte menu every season so that we can bring you the most quality
offerings available to us from local farmers and producers. After Christmas, we change our menu for the
Valentine’s Day options. After that comes the promise of spring and the new fruits which have ripened
on the boughs of local bushes, vines and trees. You will also be offered the very best in quality poultry
and tender red meats from locally sourced farmers and growers.

Reserve Your Table

We always offer a huge selection of tasty treats on the menu for you to enjoy. Whether you are a local
visiting Edinburgh for a day or staying with us for a break in one of our splendid luxury rooms, you will
enjoy Scottish inspired meals cooked exactly to your order and preference. Come and join us and book
your table. Why not indulge yourselves come and stay with us too. You can choose from a variety of our special offers here.