Dunstane Does The Edinburgh Fringe…George Egg: Anarchist Cook

Guests from all walks of life are welcome at The Dunstane. We never discriminate. However…there is one gentleman that we can’t decide what we’d do, if we were lucky enough to have him request a room in our hotel. Our heads say keep him far away from our travel kettles and hotel irons and yet our sense of adventure leans us towards letting him in to see what he can do with our luxury hotel in Edinburgh! We’re of course talking about Dunstane does the Edinburgh Fringe…George Egg: Anarchist Cook!


One Man, One Hour, Three Courses

POSTER_flat_smallThat’s the title of George Egg’s 2015 Edinburgh Fringe show. Described by The Times as “utterly charming, imagination nudging…George Egg is hugely inventive” and we couldn’t agree more! George apparently got so fed up with the standard of room service food in hotels whilst on tour, he took matters into his own hands – with hilarious (and surprisingly delicious results!)


So packing the minimum of dry ingredients, or hitting the local shop for some fresh fish, you can create delicious meals. Using just what you can find in the hotel, such as an iron (on the hottest setting, preferably ‘linen’) to warm pitta bread or ciabatta and cook pancakes. The kettle is perfect for poaching eggs, cooking fish and you can even make your own ricotta cheese with the aid of a pillowcase! The traditional hotel Bible or another heavy book is perfect for crushing up foods too!




It all sounds totally insane, but once you’ve seen George in action you’ll be converted! We see room service orders all over the country dropping significantly with these inspired recipes! We serve breakfast in bed (and if you’re nice to Night Manager Alan, he might whip you up a tasty snack in the middle of the night) but we don’t do room service after breakfast time. People are too busy out exploring the city for lunch and our waiting staff are so delightful they’re worth making the short trip down to Skerries restaurant
for dinner! If you’re not in the mood for conversation though and want to try George’s methods out rooms are well kitted out for some innovative cooking…just make sure you clean up properly and don’t tell housekeeping…!


We’ve uploaded a wee tour of a Deluxe room at The Dunstane, it has everything you need to try out George’s recipes (if you really have to, we take no responsibility for what our Head Housekeeper does if she finds you making ricotta with one of her pillowcases……!)


George Egg’s show is running until the 31st August at the Gilded Balloon, so there is still time to go and see him yourself, you can book tickets here! Not only will the cooking amaze you but the stand-up comedy that’s paired with it is exceptional. Unfortunately for you we’re fully booked for the next week so you can’t tie in a stay at The Dunstane with the show, but be sure to check out our Autumn Escapes offer for a getaway later in the year!