Stane Bar with whisky on display, lush decor and waiting staff behind the bar

A Toast To Our Favourite Bars in Edinburgh Bar None

The Devil’s In The Details

The Devil’s Advocate is a chic, vibrant and ever so elegant local watering hole in the heart of historic Old Town. Nestled away in Advocates Close off the bottom of Cockburn Street, the old Victorian pump house is home to an eclectic mix of Scottish and world whiskies, impressive wines and selected craft beers. With its original features and award-winning bartenders, shake things up with a blend of innovation and alcohol for the ultimate seasonal cocktails, or indulge in traditional Scottish dining in their mezzanine dining area.


Fruity cocktail with pineapple garnish

Milking It For All Its Worth

If you’re in the mood for something a little bit different, Mary’s Milk Bar is not only one of the hottest PG –rated bars in Edinburgh, it’s a haven for chocolate lovers and dairy queens. Using only the freshest ingredients and absolutely zero preservatives, Mary’s scoops up the title of best gelato and chocolate in town. With new flavours each week, and interesting new ways to enjoy them, Mary’s Milk Bar may not be the night out on the town you’re looking for, but we guarantee just as much fun.


White and milk chocolate truffels with lavender flowers

Mastering The Malt

When it comes to finding the best bars in Edinburgh, more often than not, it all comes down to the selection of whisky on offer. With a selection of local craft beers, true Scottish culinary delights, traditional whiskies and a beautifully distilled atmosphere, the Whiski Rooms has a well earned reputation as one of the finest bars in all of Edinburgh and one of the best Whisky Bars in the world.


Old School, Tradition-ALE Fun

“Travel the world one beer at a time”. That’s the motto at one of the newest, hippest bars in Edinburgh – Beer and Skittles. With over 60 beers from around the world, this sleek basement bar with its traditional old-pub vibe, darts, pool and sporting showground is proof positive that life can be all beer and skittles.


Whisky in a glass with some ice in front of a dark background

The Stane Bar

If you have a more elegant evening in mind, why not try one of the more refined bars in Edinburgh? The Stane Bar is a beautiful, intimate whisky bar with a touch of Orkney charm. With an impressive range of single malt whiskies and fine wines, as well as local beer and gin favourites, it’s the perfect night out for a more intimate gathering.