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5 Secret Edinburgh Attractions You Didn’t Know About

Scotland’s capital city boasts an almost never ending list of things to do, and with so much on offer, there’s always going to be something that falls through the cracks. But fear not! Whether this is your first time in the city or you hundredth, we’ve collected 5 of the best Edinburgh attractions you didn’t even know you needed to know about.

Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat

Ok maybe you’ve heard of Holyrood Park, but did you know that its apex, Arthur’s Seat, is a dormant volcano? At 251m above sea level you’re guaranteed a breath-taking view of the city. This is also the site of a well preserved fort – one of many great Edinburgh attractions. The park itself spans over 600 acres, showcasing some of the finest greenery Scotland has to offer. Here you’ll also find the Salisbury Crags, a series of 151ft cliffs adjacent to Arthur’s seat, and the charming ruins of St Anthony’s Chapel.


Arthurs seat with the city of Edinburgh in the foreground

Image title Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags II by theleastweasel is licensed under (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Cropped from original

The Scotch Whisky Experience

“If you don’t like Whisky, that just means you haven’t found the right Whisky yet.” One of the biggest Edinburgh attractions has to be the malt in your mouth whisky. The Scotch Whisky Experience will provide you with the chance to do just that. Housed in a former school house, this multimedia exhibit covers the journey from barley to bottle. It also houses the largest collection of malt whiskies in the world. This is a great one for Whisky enthusiasts and newcomers alike. An onsite restaurant rounds off the trip with a wonderful selection of Scottish food and, of course, a selection of fine Whisky.


Summerhall has a little something for everyone. This major hub for the arts showcases a year-round programme of exhibitions, music, theatre, dance and film events. It is also home to The Royal Dick Bar and Bistro with a great selection of pub grub, a café and its very own craft brewery; which produces Summerhall Pale Ale, brewed by Barney’s Beer.

The Museum of Childhood

It’s not just for kids. Like most Edinburgh attractions, The Museum of Childhood is steeped in history. It lets visitors peer back into the past to discover what life was like growing up in yesteryear. The exhibition includes a fascinating collection of old toys as well as an exploration of other aspects of young life from school holidays to old school fashion trends.


Dating back to the Middle ages, Grassmarket has long been one of Edinburgh’s biggest market squares. It gained infamy as the site for public executions from 1660. A plaque serves as a reminder of its history, marking the exact location of the gallows. Nowadays you’ll find nothing quite so grim, located just a few minutes walk from Princes Street, it’s a lively pedestrian-friendly area with shops, cafés and tonnes of charm.
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