5 reasons to drink more gin in edinburgh

5 Reasons To Drink More Gin

5 Reasons To Drink More Gin

We’re always told alcohol is bad for us, and it it. However, there have been claims over the years that some alcohol (in moderation) can actually have health benefits! As Gin-lovers with a huge selection to choose from in the Stane Bar, we thought we’d read up on our drink of choice and find 5 Reasons To Drink More Gin.


1. It’s Good For Your Health

The Juniper Berry (which isn’t actually a berry, it’s a highly evolved pine cone!) has many uses. It’s said to be a good remedy for arthritis, though we debated whether that’s the juniper berries or the alcohol content! However the berries are packed full of antioxidants and are a good diuretic so can help you feel less bloated.


A G&T is proven to prevent malaria! OK, so it’s actually nothing to do with the gin, it’s the quinine in the tonic water. G&T’s kept the British Empire alive though. Technically a “home-brew” until Erasmus Bond introduced the first commercial tonic water in 1858. Before then, people were adding quinine powder to soda and sugar to hide the taste.


Tonic water is still an “acquired taste” for many people though, so adding gin just makes it much easier to drink.


2. It Makes The Best Cocktails

If you still need more reasons to drink more gin, think cocktails! Add a dash of Raspberry Edinburgh Gin to a glass of Prosecco for a magical combination of our two favourite drinks. Better yet, this month you can find secret Gin Gardens all across Edinburgh. Our new favourite is the Edinburgh Gin Garden in St Andrews Square.


Thanks to Mr. Bond, Mad Men and many other shows, the martini has made a comeback. However, don’t listen to James Bond, he might be a great MI6 Agent but he knows nothing about bar-tending – a martini should be stirred NOT shaken!


3. It’s Good For Your Skin

We mentioned antioxidants earlier, well these are brilliant at helping reduce wrinkles and promote healthy skin. So you’re actually helping yourself by having the odd G&T as you get ready for a night out!


4. It Makes You Live Longer

We’d say this one was rubbish, but there’s proof (sort of!). Mabel Jackson from Suffolk turned 100 years-old and credits her long life to SIX Gins a day! Not the cheapest of habits, but she claims it’s the Gin that’s keeping her young! Science has suggested that a G&T can help reduce heart disease though, so maybe there’s some truth here…


5. The Bottles Are Pretty

From the beautifully decorated Edinburgh Gin labels to the quirky glass of The Botanist, once the Gin bottle is empty it doesn’t have to be put in the bin. Take this ingenious idea from Boys Eat Scotland!



We have a huge selection of Gins behind our bar, so next time you’re staying with us make sure to try a few new ones!